LPH of hillock shellfish road is happy article collect garden of Guangzhou gold city

In the society that the network develops, what is seeing a netizen any more new issue, but see the netizen also is existing very big risk, cause belongings loss possibly not carefully. Recently, guangzhou is happy article collect 808 experiences to add a city alarm Guangzhou Tian Ligong card is wall of how many sea the suspect that recreational guild hall takes town of Fang Zaixin pond to seize mobile phone of netizen of a theft especially, recover mobile phone of have things stolen for the victim. The netizen makes an appointment to meet, in the Internet bar ” humble abode ” nearly two months
The understanding when game is called on the net before small Ceng Yinian add the city zone a male netizen, two people often hit game to chat together, the feeling still is held out cast an edge. At the beginning of this year May, xiaoceng comes to Guangzhou from Chongqing on a special trip drive dragon pool still is in to add the city zone new pool town meets with its amuse oneself. Red shop sign of day pool sauna 188 after seeing a face, two people often press down an around Internet bar in wide difficult highway to get online to new pool, hungry outside eating, sell, sleep tiredly on Internet bar chair, major time is spent in the Internet bar.
Arrived by June, the money on two person is spent almost. At this moment, the netizen put forward to mortgage his mobile phone first, the living cost that change a spot lash-up of one at first is using two people, and on the small letter that 1500 yuan of RMBs that he still mortgages himself the mobile phone is changed turn to Xiaoceng, let its be in charge of defray. This one act lets Xiaoceng feel the other side is quite generous still immediately, it is the person that is worth to believe.
Generous the netizen becomes bandits unexpectedly
On July 1, small Ceng Youhe’s netizen plays game to the Internet bar together. Arrived midday, xiaoceng plays tired, preparation takes a rest on the seat. Because fear the mobile phone after oneself are asleep is met by pilfer, he is so designed flow of rich of hillock top water gives downstage net to be in charge of the mobile phone, let its keep for you, he is returned after mobile phone put away touch the pillow to sleep greatly on the seat. When waiting for him to wake, the net Shenzhen that discovery takes by originally is maritime palace boss is whose friend has left, he arrives to look for net canal to consider recapture mobile phone downstage. But net canal tells Xiaoceng, his mobile phone has been swept to pile up the reason that lands computer afresh to borrow with need by its netizen. Xiaoceng examines the monitoring of the Internet bar immediately, after seeing the netizen is in charge of that to take a mobile phone from the net before long, taking a mobile phone to leave an Internet bar. This ability realizes Xiaoceng oneself mobile phone by pilfer, immediately signed up for alarm.
Police dispatchs capture obtain bandits to recover a mobile phone
Receive after calling the police, the police that add a city defends policeman of hill police station to intervene instantly investigation, according to clew, monitoring of combinative Internet bar and public security video undertake grinding sentencing an analysis, found stay ground of the suspect. On July 2, the police that add a city is in near street of sanded mountain of new pool town inside one apartment, suspect Peng Mou (male, 28 years old) seize, recover by pilfer mobile phone.
Explain according to the suspect, because do not take care to nod the pushbutton that get offline when ethereal net, the mobile phone that rents Xiaoceng then to net canal so sweeps a code to weigh golden city sauna 388 and 488 new login. When he takes a mobile phone, the mobile phone that before thinking of, oneself mortgage expired that day, heart unripe bad reads aloud, taking the advantage of Xiaoceng when sleeping, take his mobile phone to the market to sell secretly, go again redemptive oneself mobile phone.
Classics trial, peng Mou steals the fact of the mobile phone to admit to its. Basis of the police that add a city ” management of public security of People’s Republic of China sanctions a method ” concerned regulation, detain with 15 days of administration to Peng somewhere lawfully.
Police reminds: The network hands in friend to want discretion, the netizen meets have a risk. Water of Hai Zhumiao ooze of Guangzhou of good protection arrange should be done to be able to be applied before meeting, do not want flatter oneself to be familiar with the other side to treat sth lightly on the net. In the meantime, should increase be on guard consciousness, had kept oneself property, avoid by all means because temporarily carelessness causes needless loss.

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