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Same brand hotel, rubbish classification is carried out in Shanghai, did not carry out rubbish classification however in Guangzhou? On July 26, evening paper of wall of the sheep before the branch executing the law to head for this related Guangzhou city has reported in rubbish scenery of nature of the Tian Baiyun that distribute watch pursues kind on existence ” Shanghai spic has not ” hillock of hotel of Guangzhou Chinese front courtyard supports east branch, while to the hotel undertakes executing the law and asking its are rectified and reform, just still popularize Guangzhou rubbish to classify relevant code to the hotel, hope hotel no matter be in Shanghai or Guangzhou,all just should participate in rubbish to classify. It is reported, the hotel just is accepted execute the law of the branch rectify and reform a requirement, rectify and reform the wait forring that classifies relevant requirement to Guangzhou rubbish is not being accorded with inside the hotel o’clock sharp to change perfect. It is reported, international water meets Naerdu bureau of business affairs of city of Guangzhou of 3 technician photograph ever issued an announcement on July 17, course of study of requirement Guangzhou accommodation and meal course of study participate in rubbish classification. Outside should informing the accommodation job that eliminates requirement Guangzhou of perfect classification to container is configured, still ask accommodation course of study offers one-time commodity not actively to the client, reduce the yield of one-time rubbish. But visited discovery on July 24 according to the reporter Guangzhou international water meets Naerdu phone, many accommodation course of study did not fulfil Guangzhou the requirement of bureau of Guangzhou city business affairs, the door store that still chain hotel is in Shanghai fulfils rubbish to classify more severe, but the container of door inn rubbish that is in Guangzhou did not press classified standard configuration however, inside guest room still supply one-time commodity actively to the client, bay of Shui Lan of bridge of city of existence rubbish classification is recreational ” Shanghai spic has not ” phenomenon (detailed sees Yang Cheng evening paper A is maritime on July 25 10 edition report palace case) .
Classify to rubbish ” Shanghai spic has not ” phenomenon, city of inlet of Changjiang Delta of street Guangzhou city provides shop sign of stone of area of Guangzhou city the Milky way execute the law the staff member that classification of division of street city valve handles team and stone brand, ever went to the Guangzhou that visit to the reporter on July 26 hillock of hotel of Chinese front courtyard supports east branch of the technician between the cloud in beautiful Doumeng undertakes executing the law checking. The basis checks a result, execute the law branch to Guangzhou hillock of hillock of hotel of Chinese front courtyard carries price-list of drive pool sauna on the head east the branch leaves piece instruct rectify and reform advice note, requirement hotel just asks to make classify container to configure and avoiding rubbish to mix cast according to the rubbish classification of Guangzhou, suggest at the same time hotel square the announcement derate according to bureau of Guangzhou city business affairs is one-time the supply of commodity.
“Considering inn-keeper the likelihood still is opposite the taxonomy compasses of Guangzhou and standard are not familiar, while we are asking inn just is rectified and reform, the rubbish that just still publicizes Guangzhou to inn classifies code and standard. ” stone card is street tell a reporter, at present the hotel already just accepted the guidance of Guangzhou respect and proposal, corresponding rubbish will be rectified and reform to classify a setting inside whole change the date.

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