What does triumphant dragon have to serve guest village in can recreational center full line is happy 66

Shovel an island greatly, shenzhen Shekou does not have dweller island on vast sea area with Xi Ling Ding, guard is worn the guttural thoroughfare of Pearl River mouth, it is outback contact HongKong and Macow the first col of condition of small-sized shipping pass in and out. Fulfil the Party Central Committee, the State Council to carry out about optimizing environment of port battalion business, promote the decision-making deploy that crosses condition commerce advantage to change, in ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” during thematic education is begun deep, on July 17, custom of Guangzhou of recreational meeting place involves Guangzhou field force long Xie Song takes a team to arrive to be shovelled greatly, call together switch grows the spot to do consortium, small-sized shipping superintends HongKong and Macow of contact of special subject thrash out the real problem that new pattern exists. “Should walk on be merciful party and people to gift stoutly the duty mission of custom, accede and carry on ‘ be brave in to stand fast, be brave in to fight, be brave in to dedicate, be brave in try to be the first ‘ spirit, in gram of assault fortified positions difficult, firm catchs what Guangzhou custom reflects in fulfilling to take on to be. ” the spot is met on, xie Song closes long express.
Consciousness of door of country of aggrandizement of with a view to, deliver patriotic feelings, make ” sea coop classroom ” brand
Learn the fine travel that illuminate earnest greatly, “Do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” since thematic education is begun, guangzhou custom firmly holds ” defend first heart, carry a mission, look for difference, catch fulfil ” total demand, firm establish the development concept that is a center with people, the mass line of party of travel of self-conscious carry out, make deep continuously ” sea coop classroom ” ” sea coop enterprise ” ” sea coop community ” ” 3 into ” brand project, hear an opinion face-to-face, solid call real solution difficult problem, ensure thematic education obtains strong result.
“Custom guards a pass for the country the door that defend a country ” ” carrying condition of banned article pass in and out is break the law ” , on July 18, come from 17 province such as Beijing, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and Guangdong in all delegate of 65 outstanding high school students walks into port of passenger traffic of railroad of Guangzhou the Milky way, experience custom has checked water of bay of Guangzhou new Yue to collect Cheng, understanding custom is checked in port quarantine, prevent control epidemic situation epidemic disease, check arrest banned article, blow smuggler blame, defend a country the job of the respect such as door safety, establish abide by record further abide by the law with the consciousness that maintains national security.
Consciousness of aggrandizement country door, deliver patriotic feelings, guangzhou custom ” sea coop classroom ” as take on a of social responsibility important grasper, exert oneself publicizes the duty mission of new custom, show a country the faithful figure of door bodyguard, enhance the patriotic consciousness of broad adolescent. Should close build perfect custom library of file of volunteer service personnel, establish the office, involve a group appoint take the lead the constituent framework that each basic unit drives for the key, the kind that ties through choosing a side is fostered and build commonweal classroom volunteer group 15, induct each subject custom volunteer more than 300. Link the demand of different age group, custom-built form cover old middle and primary school, nursery school and special children 5 kind of Guangzhou time public house of Yu Cheng Hui is other the announce lecture Cheng of a variety of forms and content. Relevant practice is obtained judge ” countrywide custom is optimal and volunteer service project ” reach ” Guangdong province learns Lei Feng volunteer service is optimal and volunteer service project ” title, selected be versed in by office of the state central appoint ” violet Guang Ge ” magazine company sponsors ” the party builds innovation achievement to reveal ” activity ” 100 actor case ” .
Since thematic activity, organization of price of Qt of sauna of bay of new condition of Guangzhou custom new city is begun ” into campus ” commonweal course 13, enclothe Guangzhou, Fosan, Qing Dynasty nursery school of city of and other places of float of far, cloud reachs an university more than 1000 teachers and students, relevant activity passes news media to countrywide direct seeding 2, among them on June 26 ” month of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin ” the activity walks into Guangzhou city to jump over beautiful area Children’s Palace, be paid close attention to extensively by social all circles.
With a view to optimizes battalion business environment, solve substantial problem, make ” sea coop enterprise ” brand
Learn and make tie, check and change be well versed in, guangzhou custom will do immediately, catch get right on the job to blend in consciousness of daily, melt into really, hold to demand to direct as oriented as the problem, close a leader to be the first begin survey of a batch of projects, task survey, stay at a selected grass-roots unit to help improve its work and gain first hand experience for guiding overall work survey, the pain spot difficulty that collects industry attention extensively blocks a dot up, seek train of thought of reform assault fortified positions greatly, implementation ” custom carries course ” with ” the enterprise orders dishes ” organic union.
The library blocks a robot (Guangdong) limited company is suitable heart company of a new and high technology, this year in July, guangzhou custom understands in going to industry survey ” the library gets stuck ” existence entrance expects a sort is much, finished product changes fast, tall to requirement of stock turnover time limit characteristic, the means of bad news already satisfied the declaration form before groovy production hard demand. Guangzhou custom establishs Xing Huamu sufficient form expert group namely for many times with enterprise have an informal discussion, the quantity is made personally ” bad news of own nucleus order for goods, before signing up for a nucleus, declare to custom again expect a bad news with the circumstance ” superintendency plan.
Recently, “The library gets stuck ” obtain net of improvement trade couplet smoothly already to superintend a qualification, open couplet net successfully to superintend Zhang book. “Acknowledgment custom thinks company place thinks truly, the place of fast company is urgent. Below the help of custom, our high-tech enterprise is in the competition ability of the international market is stronger. ” library card company declares at customs week says business chief gladly.
Guangzhou custom ” sea coop enterprise ” brand project with a view to optimizes battalion business environment to give solid Guangzhou Cheng Hui international what recreational meeting provokes strong action. Should close to wait for a mechanism through building policy of subject custom monthly to explain to public, seasonable and extensive explain to public custom is newest measure of innovation of policy, reform, connect with respect to what the enterprise pays close attention to close a problem to dispel doubt commentate be puzzled, offer how-to, build encourage incentive and sincere letter, abide by the law good atmosphere. Drive survey positive result to change, collect 16 large companies such as wide steam group extensively to be bred in AEO enterprise, improvement trade keeps the field such as duty maintenance effective demand, make 27 ” blame invade type ” ” reduce intervention ” optimize administrative measure, comb measure of business management of 19 advanced attestation to make refine an operation how-to, branch of associated local government publishs 61 to combine incentive measure, the industry that help strength enhances international competition ability ceaselessly. Fill what cent produces advanced model to set an example lead action, “Manna atelier ” use dominant position of classify major technology, the commodity such as unmanned aircraft begins on-the-spot survey, in WCO harmonious system discusses a mechanism, 2022 edition ” harmonious system ” edit discuss, ” harmonious system ” the respect such as domestic application management all obtains positive result of plentiful and substantial.
Carry out of with a view to goes the mass line, optimize civilian service, make ” sea coop community ” brand
“Pay close attention to on small letter ‘ Guangzhou custom 12360 ‘ public date, input your mail order, OK pay imposition, and supportive small letter, pay the terms of payment on a variety of lines such as treasure. ” the citizen introduction that affectionately of glow of Wen of Lv of the member that subject Guangzhou post-office custom passes Guangzhou custom seeks advice ahead ” E closing post is connected ” the use method of the platform on the line. This was on July 19 – custom of 22 days of Guangzhou jumps over service center of government affairs of street of beautiful area Beijing to begin in Guangzhou city ” service common people takes community ” the one act in itinerate propaganda.
Civilian breathe out somewhat, I answer somewhat. Guangzhou custom is made ” sea coop community ” brand project, wear what force solves masses to speak worry, irritated a load on one’s mind, think civilian the practical effect of the service wins the people’s confidence. Run painfully to solve the person that use mail to cost post-office, run the problem of custom conduction business, this correlation adds up to postal company to make ” Internet + E closing post is connected ” service platform, begin itinerate service in service center of many government affairs, the mail that the spot solves common people to care, ” the sea is naughty ” electric business goods, baggage article is connected close wait for a problem, community dweller feels custom set door mouth, more seasonable to the understanding of policy, more convenient. At present ” E closing post is connected ” platform registers an user to already amounted to 705 thousand person-time, accumulative total visits a quantity to be amounted to 1.839 million times. This year first half of the year, should close volume of superintendency mail of condition of pass in and out to already exceeded 150 million, compared to the same period Guangzhou day Chi Shaixiang grows 52.9% .
In the meantime, should close to still be relied on involve an area committee member of delegate of various National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference walks on duty platform, thorough and street community listens to opinion proposal, harmonious solve relevant problem, hold to ” the Party member reports for duty to serve for masses to community ” , the organization closes fuzz to community to serve accumulative total many hours 9000, direct service masses 100 thousand much person-time.
Strengthen village of guest of wineshop of current state of city of gold of common people Guangzhou and business of imports and exports ceaselessly acquire feeling, happy feeling, safe move, guangzhou custom condenses act vigorously to take power in mission of the heart at the beginning of carry out travel, reflect thematic education result in strengthen party spirit, increase capacity, improve way, drive the job to go up.

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